Field of Science

Who will "make America a proud, rich land again, punish nations that defy him, and raise wages very high while keeping prices very low"?

It was a real flash of deja vu all over again when Sinclair Lewis' book It can't happen here was brought up. It was a long time ago the TPP read this book, and was reminded of it once before when one of the candidates for state representative was named Buzz, and his opponent was  a crazy guy named Bang, who ran a little road house filled with antique arcade machines.  TPP did not make this up, Buzz vs. Bang, a crook vs. a clown.  A couple of decades later Buzz made it as far as the US Congress before things caught up to him (he was a crook, just as  Bang stated years before). Lewis' book is about a different Buzz, and it was written a bit over 80 years ago (TPP had to look it up.).  So who did you think this title was about?  If this question doesn't create a bit of a shiver going down your spine, then you may be part of the problem, part of the mass of people who want simplistic slogans and probably fictional answers for complex issues. So do you really think it can't happen here? It's just too scary that so many people want it to happen. 

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