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National cereal Day

National cereal day?  Who knew?  Well, in this case, Treehugger knew, so kudos to them and a link to a pretty amusing article. TPP grew up on breakfast cereals because breakfast cereals were the advertising fuel of Saturday morning cartoons on TV, and us kids weren't going to miss those! They were GRRREEEAAATE! Generally though our cereals were healthy enough, corn flakes, kix, cheerios, shreaded wheat, although sugared versions, frosted flakes, sugar smacks, and  sugar corn pops, were lurking not too far away.  But this was way before the day of the garishly colored pure sugar cereals like froot loops and trix and many others now forgotten or never known. Yes, back then breakfast cereals, and even white wonder bread (red, yellow, and blue balloons)(builds strong bodies 8, 12, 16 ways, it kept increasing), still purported to be healthy harking back to the early days of  the Kellogg brothers, the health nut and the cereal baron.  Battle Creek Michigan must have been a pretty weird place, and it was where you entered the contests and cashed in the coupons from eating hundreds of boxes of their product. If you don't know much about the history of this, it's pretty amusing, and tells you who the real nuts were. Cereals, the blander the better, were healthy, so grape nuts had to be super healthy. Although waning in popularity for years, breakfast cereals are fast fading in popularity among millenials.  One reason given is that breakfast cereal is too much trouble, too much work, which does make one wonder, and worry, about out future when the effort bar is set so low. Here's TPP's healthy advice: Any cereal that changes the color of the milk should be avoided. The new version of healthy uses breakfast cereals glued together by sugar probably, and coated with something healthy like chocolate, a candy/cereal hybrid, called a "nutrition bar" is the food of students on the go any time before a decent wake up time like 2 pm.

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