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Blogger tech problems function of 10

That's a function of windows 10.  For reasons still uncertain TPP's laptop upgraded itself (never gave it permission) to Windows 10 and for the most part it has not been a problem, but for some reason, the new browser will not open blogger from my blog.  Of course, Blogger is quite long in the tooth, but FoS operates my blog from it, so now sure if a switch can be made.  Anyone?  Anyone?  This is by way of saying that new entries may be a bit brief and/or less common until a solution can be found. Any solutions you guys know about would be appreciated. This blog has had a long standing problem of signing onto blogger after consolidation with google; it deals with an ancient unused gmail address that TPP cannot seem to get rid of safely.  But now it just may be that Win10 renders the blogger problem moot.


William M. Connolley said...

> the new browser will not open blogger from my blog

Not entirely sure what you men by that, but why use the OS's default browser at all? Just use Chrome, then you get the same thing on any OS.

The Phytophactor said...

Well, of course, how dumb of me not to have thought of that!