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Pretty exciting without the noise

TPP has long wondered if motorcycle people would still ride them if they were made to run quietly, or is there something about the screaming "here-I-come/go" noise that makes such machines appealing?  So, while this machine looks pretty ZOOM, ZOOM, it's electric so unless it comes with an obnoxious noise emitting option, it's quiet, although pretty exciting otherwise. This may be the trusty stead of futuristic westerns, where ol' Ohm is plugged into a charging station in front of the local saloon. While this nifty looking machine looks like a unicycle, it's actually a bicycle, but both wheels are side by side. This is a pretty nifty looking machine, the UNO, for getting around town. Makes a Segway look pretty dull, eh?

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towhee said...

Wondered why there was nothing more about the UNO since 2008. Here's what he's onto now:

Scary name--hope it stays on snow or gravel.