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Spooky place or over-hyped? Duh!

Officially TPP has never ever watched any of the ghost-hunter shows that appear here and there. It's so obvious that they are made up spookiness, and having lived in a old houses most of his life, TPP knows that they have a voices they make noises, but it isn't ghosts. TPP woke up last night to some weird noises and it was 3:30 AM on a cold night, and no cats were on the bed (a clue). An investigation found the mouseketeers, both kitty-girls, playing catch the mouse (the 4th in 2 weeks suggests an open "door" somewhere).  After removing the primary game piece, peace returned. But never did the thought occur that this was spooky (although the cats are black). Here a link to one of those Atlas Obscura entries that TPP happens to be familiar with, the Illinois Soldiers' and Sailors' Home, a long abandoned orphanage. Sailors here in the upper Midwest?  Never understood that part. What they say about the one remaining empty building is only partly true. Friends live in one rehabbed building and Mrs. Phactor has her business office in another as does a neighbor. Anything spooky?  Anything other than normal, i.e., paranormal? Nah! So definitely over-hyped as a spooky place. As if you had any doubts. These types of things as entertainment should be approached with you skepticism in full on mode. TPP was chided once for being so negative. Skeptical is negative, sorry no, the opposite of skeptical is gullible, not positive. It's always funny that none of this ooooo spooky type stuff ever happens to those of us who might be credible observers.

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