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Accumulated political thoughts

Let's lighten the load a bit. A number of thoughts came to mind relating to politicking this week, so let's unload some of this mind compost.
British Parliament - TPP is full of admiration of the British Parliament, who while debating whether to ban T-rump for his hateful comments, referred to the Donald as a buffoon.
Sarah Palindrone TM - As noted before someone who sounds just as dumb whether her remarks are read forward or backward (Try it!). The Sarah has thrown her inconsiderable weight behind The Donald, but he is way too smart to even begin to think of her as a running mate.
More T-rump. Whose standard for pandering fell so low that he evoked laughter from the panderees. When you quote the Bible to a Bible literate audience, you should know that 2 Corinthians, is 2nd Corinthians, something even a lapsed Congregationist knows. Don't ask him if the book is in the New or Old Testament.
Marco got hisself  a gun to protect his family from Muslim terrorists in Florida. Is he beginning to believe the GnOPe Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid rhetoric? Maybe he should move to Chi-town where in some neighborhoods he can learn what it means to be Scared.
And when Ted talks tried to ding The Donald about NY values, it made TPP wonder what is it about these politicians in Texas?  They really don't get any thing north of Maryland or anything east of Erie. Wonder if Ted has ever had a real bagel? Nothing NY except Wall St. money.
The state of Lincolnland still lacks a budget now 7 months into the fiscal year. Wow, is TPP happy he's not in the state university retirement plan!  Chicago State won't be able to pay salaries in March so, students can expect an extra long spring break.  In the meantime the Dim Legislature and the GnOPe governor continue to play fiscal chicken. Maybe using blackmail isn't the best way to persuade the Dims to cooperate?  Ya think?
TPP can't make up his mind about Hillary. She carries a lot of baggage, and to me her shots at Bernie had a sort of shrillness to them that speaks of some desperation. Who said getting elected president was going to be easy. And she'll need more than not-Bernie shots to beat the GnOPe.
Oh, TPP needs a cocktail.

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Larissa said...

my thoughts exactly - though my Bernie vs. Hillary thoughts revolve more around his funding sources vs. hers. I've always been a proponent for public funding for politicians, and he's really doing it! Hillary can talk all she wants about reform, while lining her pockets with Wall Street money.