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Terrible aftermath shows ugliness of USA

The recent SCOTUS decision affirming gay people's rights under the law produced an extremely ugly aftermath of reaction. Without the specifics the reactions were to tell people to be afraid, be scared, continue to be a bigot, blame the judges, blame the president, blame everyone else. Perhaps many of these reactions come from sincerely held religious beliefs, OK, it's your right, but when such people are egged on by violent rhetoric, some of them are going to act on those rants in ways that hurt someone, and that's not OK. This does illustrate what's wrong with the fundamentalist type of religion and why religion of any sort should not have a role in law-making. Those who think the opposite, and several are running for the GnOPe nomination for president should never be in a position of power, of any sort. Some of these self-proclaimed pick-mes even suggest our whole system of governance should be changed because their religious freedom to tell and control what other people do, people supposedly with the same freedoms, was ended in this one particular area. It continues unabated in others as is the "right" of the one true religion. At any rate, episodes such as this really hang the dirty laundry right out on the line for everyone to see, and it isn't very pretty and it isn't much to brag about.

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