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Recycled tires & gardening.

A lot of used tires out there need recycling. TPP decided to try a recycled tire product that looks like brown bark mulch except it's shredded tires. In this case the tire "product" was used to replace a wood mulch garden path and it won't decompose and need replacing in just a year or two. Just days after it was installed a gully washer washed 6-7 feet of the path out, but try, try again.  Then while thinking about this problem and tire recycling, TPP saw these at a local garden shoppe.  Old lawn mower/garden tractor/trailer/car tires painted and decorated by a local artist who moonlights at the shoppe. Although TPP has never been a fan of folk art made of tires, these painted tires when used as garden planters are pretty cheerful and really brightened up an otherwise pretty dull wall. Think of these on a stockade fence or on an around a pool fence. They should last for years and you could always repaint them to match your new drapes or carpeting. TPP has seen tires painted like this before, but they were still attached to the car and it was painted likewise. That fellow has since moved on to paint bigger and better things in various and sundry parts of the world. Who knows where such things can lead?


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