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Iran nuke deal reveals true nature of GnOPe

The GOP reaction to the nuke deal with Iran reveals their true political nature. As regular readers know, TPP generally refers to them as the GnOPe, wherein the G is silent. Their very predictable hyperbolic rhetoric makes it very clear, conservatives don't like this deal, before even reading it, but they have no alternatives, except perhaps but to try the same tactic that was tried just a short while back with Iraq.  Iraq, Iran, it's just one letter, but how did the military might, big-stick, neocon approach work there in Iraq? Oh, not very well at all, and now look at regional mess it bred, but is the GnOPe interested in a different approach? By merely changing a few subject words in these GnOPe reactions to the Iran deal and you have their reactions to the Affordable Care Act. No, no, no. Keep saying that, then make up lies about it (remember death panels?). Try to repeal it or sandbag it, just don't give it a chance. Act as if diplomacy is a weakness and let's keep our era of never-ending military engagements going (They aren't wars; only congress can declare war.). So that's all there is, no, nope, nyet, nada, no way jose, and without any viable alternatives either. It's all you get because that's all there is from those "nattering nabobs of negativism" (Safire via Agnew). If your bumper sticker reads "I think, so I vote Republican", then at least what you think is no-own. 

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