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Double whammy weekend

Every year TPP gets the double whammy; this year it fell on a weekend. Yes, the anniversary-birthday bam-bam double whammy, so it greatly behooves TPP to remember this appropriately each year. It may be the secret to our long marriage (44 years) even though neither of us is old enough for this to be possible. At any rate, to celebrate with a bit of a get away, a short trip to Madison WI was in order, a chance to soak up some cheese, sausage, and beer, the 3 legs of good nutrition. Here's a nice little breakfast (although actually eaten for a lunch): Wisconsin Benedict, the local twist on eggs Benedict, here served with herbed fried potatoes. In New York people know that the dish originated in the late 1800s at the Waldorf Hotel in NYC. If you are unfamiliar with this dish, and gad, can it be possible such unsophisticated people exist, then the classic recipe can be had at the link. It's all about the sauce. At any rate here in Madison at the Old Fashioned (both a place and a cocktail) the WI Benedict substitutes a bratwurst patty for the ham and makes a creamy tart mustard sauce in stead of Hollandaise. This meal along with a signature cocktail made TPP feel so good, he allowed Mrs. Phactor to purchase a remarkable piece of recycled glass sculpture for display in our gardens. Awesome, eh?  All in all quite a celebration.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats! And will that glass sculpture go near the water where it will catch flickers of light and throw mystical shimmers?