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US foreign policy - dumb and dumber

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat the past. TPP was a young adult of military draft age during the Vietnam Conflict (only Congress can declare war, and no war was declared), and it was obvious from the start that the military might of the USA could not win this conflict, could not defeat an enemy with a "non-traditional" approach to fighting the conflict, and this has proven pretty much true in each and every conflict the US has engaged in since. Apparently our country's civilian and military leaders are slow learners, but of course the 'Mercan public eats up the "shock & awe" rhetoric as if it were apple pie. A rational look at our foreign policy easily uncovers its fundamental flaw. Sadly, it looks as if the USA is getting ready to make the same mistake again.   Smarten up people! This is what happens when you take a month long vacation from most of the world news; things seem so much worse when you get back, and maybe they are.   

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