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Re-unite Pangaea

With all of this secessionist politics in the news, you might want a t-shirt like this to voice a more united position.  A number of years ago the paleobotanists had a button that said "give Pangaea a break", and this is the same joke just from a different perspective. Of course it would be more appealing if they had spelled Pangaea correctly. After all you wear such a shirt to look a bit clever, but in this case, not. 

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Anonymous said...

Oh boy - or given my gender maybe it's Oh Minerva! - that shirt sure dates me. One of a series of message items (including the famous bumper sticker Impeach The Cox Sacker). But my bumper sticker did spell Pangaea correctly. Then there was Food For The People, complete with raised fist . . . I don't dress in messages anymore except for the Red Sox hat and the land trust shirt. (Not that some GOPestlience couldn't reverse that, even at my age.