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Counter productive health care plans

If you need any evidence about why the USA needs more stream-lined, efficient health care plans, today's mail brought a datum, actually data. Yes, the Phactors needed a new post-65, post-retirement (for TPP) health care plan, and this required a considerable amount of paper work. Today's mail delivery consisted of two huge packages, one for each Phactor, a couple of booklets, or rather health care catalogs that would have made Sears & Roebuck proud, a total of almost 10 lbs of paper! What a tremendous waste! No one noticed that two identical documents were destined for the same address, for two people with the same last name. Probably verification of marriage was not provided. Also, one of us had already gotten these same documents. This waste costs money and is it counterproductive too? Yes, the poor mail carrier got a hernia hefting our health care plans! Poor guy. He'll need a good health care plan. 

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