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Governor is a misunderstood environmentalist not a political trickster

The governor of Joysey, Crisp Crusty, or something like that, has been in the news a lot lately for political dirty tricks.  However, the governor's actions were clearly misunderstood.  Closing lanes on the GW Bridge to create traffic jams had the primary purpose of convincing people to abandon commuting by car and as a consequence, encouraging people to use mass transportation. Yes, nothing like a daily traffic jam of an hour or so to make public transport an attractive alternative.  Crisp Crusty should be thanked and praised for his selfless, bully efforts to promote public transportation.  Negative reinforcement is like using onerous taxation to curb cigarette smoking, but modesty prevented the governor from making this environmental claim, and now people have leaped to an unfortunate conclusion that it was somehow about politics. Boy, how cynical people have become.

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