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A very Swiss day

Nothing, absolutely nothing, in the accompanying image could possibly exist in Lincolnland.  Yes, there's a big lake, a great lake in fact, but it isn't this cute, nor is the city next to it in any way, shape, or form cute.  Ah, Luzern (Lucerne, if your prefer) is definitely cute, and old, hugging the shore of it's picturesque lake with all kinds of neat architecture and covered bridges and the like, and then there's the back drop of the snow-covered Alps.  Although it is a ways off, the most prominent peak to the left looks like the Eiger. This is of course what us great plains people travel for: mountains, lakes, and beaches (and for TPP - rainforest), just they don't all come altogether, but anytime you get two out of four, well, that's special.  So this was just great, in fact it was just so damned inspiring the Phactors bought a bunch of Swiss alpine cheeses in addition to the ones eaten for a
lunch and washed down with Swiss wine and beer. Luzern is about 1400 feet above sea level and some of those peaks are 12000 or more feet tall so no wonder they look so big. No trips are planned for way up in the mountains, and climbing to the city wall was quite strenuous enough for any intrepid flat-land hiker who needed some sustenance. This was as good as a day of tourist travel can get and the F1 who had to leave for home on Saturday is still stuck in a motel near the Dallas airport.  How lucky is that?  Some people just know how to travel; some don't.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if it is worth it at this time of year for a mountain with a name Pilatus, but you can get up to the summit of said mountain in an hour (or so) from Kriens, as suburb of Luzern. There's a gondola followed by a cable car.

In summer there's a railway up the other side, but it'll be closed now.


The Phytophactor said...

Correct information, and sounds like fun, but seasonally closed.

Anonymous said...

Shame. I'll be up there in August.

Hope you enjoyed Zurich, I had a lot of fun there years ago.

Good journey.


Beth at PlantPostings said...

What a trip. I'm extremely jealous. We're planning a similar trip to Germany, Switzerland, and Austria sometime in the near future. Safe travels!