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Gifts that send a message

Our post-Christmas travels provided limited opportunities for blogging.  Here's a couple of gifts lovingly presented to TPP and he wonders what the gifters were suggesting?  Clearly there is a connection between TPP and botany; he is a botanist. But then there's the insinuation that he enjoys a nip from time to time, and TPP represents that. For a moment TPP considered telling you that this was Amy Stewart's gold edition of the Drunken Botanist, where each book comes not only signed, but with a bottle of Botanist gin hand delivered to your door with a couple of martini glasses.  Yes, yes, you are welcome, and please, steal this idea; TPP is mildly surprised Amy didn't think of this herself. Presently TPP cannot tell you much about the book because he isn't quite done with the introduction yet, but it has a handsome jacket, and surely it will be as interesting as was Wicked Plants. The gin however has been sampled, and while not a gin connoisseur, this is a very silky and smooth product with a complex herbal nose, clearly the product of many "plants that create the world's great drinks" rather than the sharp, biting notes of juniper you usually associate with gin.  It may prove to be the case that non-gin drinkers may like this gin better than gin drinkers who love a very different product.  Do tell us what you think in this regard.

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