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Friday Fabulous Flower - Royal Hort Society photographic competition 2013

TPP is surprised people have not been dunning him for the lack of FFF blogs even though it is the off season for flowers.  Really, you people are just too polite, too quiet for your own good.  Well, here's a nice link to images from the UK Royal Horticulture Society's 2013 photographic competition, and yes, it has more than one FFF!  Gardens are so marvelously cheering to see during the winter. TPP's favorite of the images shown here is the view of the Kentwall Hall moat, sans moat monsters.  Last summer the Phactors added a photograph to their art collection that had that same quality to it, almost a still life painting what with the way the light and colors seem.  So enjoy, and don't look at the weather system strung out to the west that is to bring more ice and snow for the whole weekend polished off by more sub-zero weather!  

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