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On the road again - rain forest field trip

TPP has been trying to catch his breath since early October, but he's getting no breaks.  Just cleared up the manuscripts and grant stuff and gave an another exam to grade today; now off to Costa Rica with 12 eager
students.  Yes, you think, how tough is that?  OK the field station is pretty nice, and certainly there's nothing not to like about rain forest, except when it keeps stiffing me on tree flowering, but this is work.  A field trip is informal instruction, but it starts at breakfast and goes all day long ending at bed time, which is usually earlier for TPP than his charges.  Some will find they are dragging tail in the mornings as they learn their new daily schedule means earlier to rise and earlier to bed.  In addition the travel arrangements and watching out for the students adds quite a level of stress.  At any rate, even the blogging has been more infrequent, but hopefully a few posts from the field can be managed to keep everyone amused.  Here's a nice buttressed tree with a promise of more.  

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