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Friday Fabulous Fall Color

It's a late fall this year and a lot of plants are slow in developing fall color.  Here's witch hazel showing you why you should plant it.  It grows in the shade, it's a pretty tough plant, it flowers very, very early in the spring, and it has great fall color.  In general it's an under planted, under appreciated shrub that is a bit too subtle for your average suburbanite.   


Beth at PlantPostings said...

I should probably pull out the Barberries and plant something like Witch Hazels in their place. I find it so difficult to dig out a healthy plant, even though I know I should because it's invasive. But Witch Hazel's fall color, as you've shown us, is beautiful. And the flowers are so unique.

The Phytophactor said...

Yes, I too find removing a perfectly healthy plant difficult, but when you figure out that you cannot prune away the ugly, it gets easier.