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NPR, gray hair, and money

Last evening the Phactors attended a fund-raising event for the local national public radio station, very posh, very interesting and engaging speaker, OK food (what do you really expect?), and everyone dressed up nicely.  A great many of the attendees are among our larger social circle. The F1 and her BFF attended because one of her parents is very generous, and without question they were the youngest people in the room except for a couple of student interns who were working the reception desk or waiting tables.  At 33 they were the youngest by a lot.  This tells you what age group has money and supports NPR, and they all have gray hair. What was sort of worrisome was the virtual absence of 40 and 50 something people.  The average age must have been in the upper 50s at a minimum.  TPP has a whole slew of colleagues in this age range, but none of them attended.  Nor did many others of this age. Do younger couples need baby sitters which are hard to come by on high school football Friday nights?  Is it just a matter of disposable income?  Or is the next generation going to drop the ball when it comes to supporting the arts and things like NPR?  Last evening's demographic was not encouraging.

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