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Bishop to 21st century

Catholic Bishop Thomas Paparazzi is going to exorcize evil,or the devil, or demons, from Lincolnland this Wednesday at about the same time the Governor signs the gay-marriage bill into law.  Of course Bishop Paparazzi was bleating the usual silliness about the destruction of marriage, religious freedoms, and so on.  This event will demonstrate the power of prayer, a bishop’s prayer no less.  The bill will become a law and gay people will get married, and our dear bishop will have demonstrated the impotence of his prayers.  This assumes that the devil is real, and that demons are real, and that prayer is effective, and evil can be exorcized by certain ancient rights.  Of course, if the bishop really did manage to exorcize evil, how many pedophile priests would disappear from Lincolnland?  At the same time some diocese here abouts was in the news for getting some relic, some piece, a bit of something gross, of a former pope, and thereby worthy of veneration.  Zounds!  Would someone please tell the Catholics what century we’re in?


Without Shadow said...

I would glady volunteer to inform the Catholics which century we're in, but the only problem is in my religion we're apparently in the 1400s! LOL

I enjoy following your blog. One thought I had, as a survivor of child sexual abuse myself, when you mentioned the pedophile priests .. feel compelled to add that the majority of priests (in any religion) tend NOT to be paedophiles; however paedophiles or other child abusers do seek out professions where they have easier access to children. Not all abusers are actually paedophiles but rather abusers of opportunity who do it because they can, not because of a sexual obsession for children. The majority of child abusers are heterosexual married men, although women too are capable of abusing children. And most abusers are known to the child - from the family or family circle - not creepy strangers in the playground.

The Phytophactor said...

Dear vOwEls,
Sorry if I over generalize, I do tend to paint with a very broad brush when it comes to religion. Thanks for the information; so sorry it was based on personal experience.