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Annoying technical problem

Well, doesn't that bite?  TPP composes and prepares a Friday Fabulous Flower blog, but can't up load the image because of some stupid blogger technical problem.  OK, then that blog is on hold.  Let's see what else is on tap.  How about a blog about parsnips including our favorite lentil, sausage and parsnip soup?  (Did anyone try the roasted fruit lasagna?)  How about a blog on citizen science?  How about investigating what it takes to clean out a basement when everyone involved is nearly a hoarder?  To explain a bit about this last one, TPP grew up with a whole bunch of good old New England Yankee farmers, in a very big, very old house with several out buildings.  They basically didn't throw out anything that might ever be conceived as useful, and a great deal of creative recycling was a way of life.  So not only do the Phactors have a double car garage, a large one, it also has a 2nd story and attic!  There's also a garden shed.  Our house has considerable basement space and a large attic.  The Phactors are not hoarders, but things do tend to accumulate.  For example, several hundred green glass wine bottles have been saved with the idea of having a starving glass artist create us a piece of garden art, but when their warehouse studio collapsed, our starving artists had to find something else to do.  So once you have accumulated so many nice clean, washed, label-free wine bottles, you can't quite bring yourself to recycle them just yet, of course, they do tend to keep showing up, but label removal is quite a chore.  The bottles will probably get moved to a more remote storage area so that someday people will cluck their tongues about how many wine bottles someone found in that house/garage the Phactors use to live in.  OK, let's take this one off the list.  Parsnips anyone? 

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JaneB said...

Mmm, parsnips! Parsnip and apple soup with cumin and ground coriander as the main spices, one of the great tastes of winter...