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1968 nostalgia

Listening to a speaker the other evening trying to tell students what it was like in 1968, even though that was the year of his birth, brought on quite a wave of nostalgia.  The sixties were TPP's high school and college years, and those were challenging times to be that age.  The decade included the height of the cold war, civil rights, assassinations of MLK and the Kennedys, and last but not least the Vietnam war gave you a lot to be concerned about.  What with helping people build bomb shelters in their basements, getting caught in race riots, and becoming draft age, it does all make an impression on you.  It got me thinking about all the other things that happened that year.  While more or less ambling down memory lane and playing a lot of music of the era, the 1968 album Cheap Thrills by Big Brother and the Holding Company came to my attention, my introduction to Janis Joplin.  Coincidentally today is her birthday and she would have been 70, but that's hard to imagine just as in the sixties it was impossible to imagine myself in my sixties.  She was at her best singing the blues.  Here's her version of the Turtle Blues.  Happy birthday, Janis.

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