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Consult a botanist - we're cheap!

How much would it cost people to be botanically correct?  The magic of many movies has been ruined by recognizing a plant that does not and could not grow where the scene is allegedly taking place.  Granted no one else in the theater noticed, but what would it have cost to get it right?  And the CSI shows are just down right botanically stupid, ludicrous even.  Oh, to have $10 for every mistake they make!  Most of these botanical mistakes are easily correctable by simply consulting a botanist.  Sometimes making botanical errors can be quite costly, yes, especially in denominations of $20, $50, and $100.  Citizens of the Great White North use the maple leaf as a national symbol, but it's not just any maple leaf, it's a sugar maple leaf, and any botanist worth the label could have, would have noticed that the engraver of their new currency used a Norway maple instead.  Yes, botanists notice things like this; it's what we do, eh?  Now what would this have cost?  A case of decent Canadian whisky and a gallon of maple syrup at most.  So when you need to have your botany fact-checked just drop TPP a note; if he doesn't know the answer, he knows the people who do.  So, if your currency features some plant, send a few thousand notes along for TPP to check.  Or else, you risk being ridiculed by some obscure botanical blogger. HT to the Garden Rant. 

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