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Squirrel recipes?

The local free-loading, well-fattened fox squirrels, while quite handsome, gather in our "wildlife friendly" gardens in great numbers during the winter season because the Phactors provide an excellent free lunch.  Where upon they literally trample gardens with their tiny little paws, and then they chew on tree branches and break small trees and shrubs.  Without any particular data the population density of maybe 5 to 6 squirrels per acre would seen adequate to be "friendly".  Since some 18 squirrels are presently hanging around, literally a herd of them, a bit of wildlife control might be in order.  At least one of the kitty girls is eager to assist, but her youthful enthusiasm must be balanced against her relative inexperience at killing anything more dangerous than catnip stuffed furry toys, which she does viciously.  Mrs. Phactor is not all together keen on squirrel culling so perhaps a wonderful new recipe might tip the balance, so your favorite squirrel recipes would be appreciated. 


Diane said...

My early 70s Joy of Cooking has instructions for skinning squirrel and suggests several uses for them, including braised with walnut catsup flavored gravy and polenta. The 1939 New England Yankee Cookbook has a squirrel pie and Seminole squirrel soup with hickory nuts and sassafras leaves or the top of a young pine. Now I know why the squirrels we saw on our last trip west seemed fat and clumsy, not our gray squirrels which are probably too small to bother with and not very abundant this year.

Bend said...

Mike Huckabee has some suggestions. Evidently, you can use a popcorn popper for cooking squirrel.