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Please don't eat the petunias

Since the Phactors were not cooking a whole dinner for Thanksgiving, some late season yard work was possible, and to make way for holiday greenery Mrs. Phactor summarily ended the petunia's record-breaking season.  Petunias in full bloom on Thanksgiving; who would have thunk it?  Well, today the weather took a turn for the cold side and the low tonight will probably be around 20 F, so the petunias would have bought the farm tonight anyways.  For the same reason, the garden season was terminated by harvesting some baby bok choi and some young romaine lettuce from our cold frame.  A big bag of herbs was cut for some upcoming cooking because even the cold hardy herbs begin to suffer some damage.  Ah well, the end of a so-so, actually a pretty poor, garden year.  But like all gardeners we're already planning for next year and counting on things to be better. 

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