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Fox squirrel

Here's one of our big garden problems.  One of the dozen and a half or so fox squirrels that live on our estate.  Of the three species of squirrel that live in eastern N. America, this is the largest by far.  This particular fellow found the decorative gourds that were just discarded and cucurbit seeds are one of the favorite foods of this mob even if they have to take them from the squash still growing on your vine.  Of course, you detect the biggest problem of all, they're cute, almost adorable, animals even though in general they act more like sewer rats with a big fluffy tail. OK, TPP hates to admit that they like their wildlife, even the troublesome ones. Within 2 hours all of these gourds were quite hollow.  Notice how starved and under nourished our squirrel looks.  Life is tough.   

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