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Helpful cats

People without cats just don't know how helpful cats can be around the house.  How can beds get made, clothes folded, doors closed (or opened), or shoes tied without their helpful paws being involved?  So with the holidays approaching, and perhaps to show how helpful they could possibly be, like a kid trying hard to be extra good, our older, larger cat fixed her own breakfast.  And like a little kid fixing their own breakfast, there was some spillage, and this also meant that no portion control was being exercised by a kitty with a persistent weight problem.  Of course the Phactor enabled this self-help exercise by failing to secure the kibble in a cupboard.  It has been several years since our loveable "bad cat" died, the one who exploited every single available opportunity to break the rules to the point of being extraordinarily reliable.  And you think, well, we miss him, but now we're living with such good cats, but actually there may not be any such thing.  Even the best of cats cannot resist the temptation to break the rules when opportunity presents itself.  Something about cat situational ethics makes it so.  Or is it because she's black?

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