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The Denial Tango

Here's the Men with Day Jobs singing the Denial Tango. It's terribly funny, clever lyrics, and it wistfully reminds the Phactor of days long gone when time was wasted in little bistros and cabarets listening to folk musicians where clever music was the rule. In particular the Chad Mitchell Trio was a favorite. How great it would be to have a pub with entertainment like this! Those were the days, my friends, we thought they would never end (Mary Hopkin). HT to those NZ science bloggers.


Unknown said...

Hard to find anyone who's heard of Chad Mitchell Trio these days. It's even hard to find any studio recordings of them.

Anonymous said...

Well, here's another ancient Chad Mitchell fan. Mom and her two teenagers who knew every word of every song. And coffee houses! Boston, Club 47 and the like, seeing Joan Baez when she was barely beginning to try her public voice, and the Irish, oh boy, the Irish guys sitting 3 feet away in these tiny venues. The good old days indeed.

Fundy Bay