Field of Science

Spring forward; fall back

Who knows when this little mnemonic device was learned, but soon it will be rendered unnecessary by technology. My watch updates nightly from a satellite signal, so changing to CST from CDT is automatic. And my PC figures out the time change without any problems. Same with cell phones, so the Phactor is told. So why is the Phactor so out of sorts from just a one hour shift in time? Oh, that's right, cats don't have a reset button; cats aren't atomically timed, but organic feed-me timers, and no amount of explanation about the reasons for this time change have had any impact at all. So at precisely 6:30 AM CST (cat standard time) a black nose touches mine, and a black paw on my cheek is a purring means of inquiring "are you in there?" The reason for cat standard time is simple, a chunky housecat can starve to death in an hour's time. Resetting cat standard time takes about two weeks; hope we both survive that long.

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