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November - Garden activity

November is a funny month here in the upper midwest; it can be pretty mild or it can be miserable. So far it's been a bit of both. Today was a lovely, sunny mid-50s, so lots of activity in the garden. Where did all the bulbs come from and where will they all go? A couple of hundred were put in the ground today promising a more colorful spring. The kitchen garden was cleaned up and some baby bok choi (oh, you should grow this) was harvested for our dinner. Time to put fencing around young trees and tasty shrubs to prevent rabbit browsing over the winter. Wonder what will get pruned by bunnies this year? It's a late fall. Tree color developed late, and officially no frost as yet, so petunias in window boxes are still covered in blooms on the 5th of November! Totally nasty 2 days ago, cold, terribly windy, but the front delivered 2 inches of rain. Still the soil seems too dry, but newly planted trees really needed the water. Absent a frost, the rain didn't bring down as many leaves as you would expect this time of year. Leaf clean up is going to take awhile yet; some trees have yet to drop a leaf, but the big maples are done. Got tired of yard work so took the mighty hunter cat out for a walk and let her harrass some squirrels; it was so tiring, so exciting, nothing left to do by nap the evening away in a rocking chair dreaming of squirrels.

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