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Filling a hole with money

Yes, when you take a big hole and fill it with money it can look a lot better. Nearly 100 years ago a pond was constructed in our garden by the first owner of this property. By the time the Phactors purchased the pond, it was basically a concrete and rubber lined tub, albeit a large one, ~18 x 28 feet, filled with leafy muck and annually covered with duckweed. Fortunately our sacred lotus hid most of the ugliness and was quite happy to take over the entire pond. To help stimulate the economy, the decision was made to throw money at the problem and renovate the pond and install a water circulation/filtering system, and a nice cascade. The lotus is now confined to a submerged tank to prevent future conquest of the entire pond. It took the entire summer of intermittent work to finish the project, but the results were quite nice, nice enough to help you forget the cost. Of course now the landscaping has to be done, and nothing like three new Japanese maples to economically start the project. Here's a look, although from this angle only the bottom of the 4 foot tall, 10 foot long cascade can be seen. And it sounds nice too.

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Carol Steel said...

It looks great. There must be enjoyment in looking at and listening to what you've achieved...with the help of labourers and experts and, oh yes, money.