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Sure sign of spring - Okeefenokee version

My not-quite-a-redneck kid sister lives off a dirt road on 9 acres of swamp some eres south of Talahassee, and here's a great spring floral display of bladderwort whose traps were featured not so long ago. Wow! And you should see their backyard! Note the buttressing of the tree trunks.


Anonymous said...

Dearest botanical bro:
Your sister is not even close to holding the title of redneck despite the fact that her home is located on a dirt road and her 9 acres of property includes about a 3 acre picturesque cypress swamp currently sporting a bumper crop of bladderworts. By the way, for all your academic genius you spelled Tallahassee wrong! Love, Little Sister

The Phytophactor said...

Talla whatee?