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Really cool water feature

One of the things people really like about gardens more than anything else are water features. Some are very naturalistic looking like real streams or ponds. Others are more dramatic, more artistic. At Heritage Gardens in Sandwich Mass they have a really cool water feature. At first glance it doesn't seem like much, a long (100-150 feet) narrow, quiet sluice of water gently overflowing into a gutter hidden below. From the upper end you just can't see that the over flow water pours from the far end into a pool far below; you don't see or hear the spout (far end of upper picture). But from the side and below, the spout becomes the singular feature. Getting the whole thing level is quite an engineering feat, at least to a fellow whose household gutters never seem to work right. As simple as this is, it is a surprisingly striking addition to this garden.

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