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Bag-o-chips, Impeached Governor of Lincolnland

A regular sport here in Lincolnland is awaiting the verdict on public officials on trial, especially governors. Prosecutors tend to get over zealous in pursuit of public officials, often throwing the book at them, with the unfortunate effect of watering down the most serious breaches of public trust with charges of jay-walking and littering. All indications are that the jury deliberating the indictments against Bag-o-chips will not reach a verdict on a great many of the charges, and only find him guilty of littering or parking in a handicap space. Like a great many soap operas, silly dramas on a small stage, the outcome does not seem to matter. Who cares really? Whether guilty of selling his influence or not, the citizens of Lincolnland learned that Bag-o-chips was not really interested in being governor, and was doing a horrible job of it; more than enough reason to remove him from office, and that is what really mattered. So who really cares if he fixed a parking ticket or not (He didn't; it's the Chicago police who do that when they aren't beating the crap out of you.). Bag-o-chips is yesterday's news, and my only wish is that the media would stop referring to him as "former governor of Lincolnland"; he's the impeached governor, a very special category and we should always accord him that honor. The truly depressing thing is that our choices this November seem to be between a rather undistinguished, and at least somewhat incompetent fellow who moved up into the empty post, and an opposition party challenger, who in some 20 years representing us has not a single noteable accomplishment to his name, a fellow who clearly would be out of his depth as governor. Some choice! But at least neither has been indicted.


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"(Yet!)" True enough, either may yet grow into the job.