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Hot and dry dooms a few plants

Really hot and dry weather means curtains for some plants, and for a couple of the Phactor's babies that were struggling a bit anyways this stress has proven too much. Sadly, after getting off to a good start, Stewartia pseudocamellia, has been in decline ever since last winter. It is now thoroughly dead, most quite and completely dead, which is a shame because the flowers (seen in the right column for the past couple of months) are great. Will probably try this species again but in a different location. A couple of small azaleas have bought the farm, more drought victims; my main rhodoe bed has a nice irrigation system, but these were in different and sunnier locations. One of two Siberian cypresses (Microbiota decussata) is struggling, and even after a relocation it's chances are slim. They can handle zone 2 cold, but our hot dry summers are pretty challenging. Most of the other new plants are doing fair to good and should make it through, but with any chance of rain still 4-5 days away, the sprinkler will have to stand vigilant.

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