Field of Science

Home Again

Vacation and meetings are over, and the Phactor is back to the midwestern flatlands. As usual for August, lots of things need water, but not as badly as some years. Pennsylvania really loved us; based on the number of long, frustrating construction delays on I-81/80 it was clear their new approach for increasing tourism was to hold everyone hostage. While construction is necessary, constrictions that result in 5 to 10 mile backups are totally rediculous, and no one seems to care how bad it gets. Managed to detour around one long backup, but grimly endured the rest. In comparison similar construction in NY and Ohio was being done, and while it required slowing traffic down, traffic continued to move. Get your crap together PA! On the home front the kitty girls were most happy to have us back. Weather has not improved one bit, and very hot conditions continue, so it was great to have escaped if just for a couple of weeks. But the weather and what it does to our gardens is only one reason why August is so disliked; it means the fall semester is just a couple of weeks away and all kinds of crap will be coming our way. Hmm, maybe time to hit the road again afterall.

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