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A new app: Use your cell phone to plant trees

The luddite part of the Phactor really dislikes cell phones (something mentioned in passing before); they're even harder to get away from than fast food joints. In the olden days you had to step into a phone booth to make a call when away from home or office; now with no privacy what so ever, everyone gets to find out just how pathetically uninteresting your life really is. So using your cell phone to plant a tree strikes me as most excellent idea. In a win-win situation, old cell phones (only old ones?) are mailed in and recycled rather than planted in a land fill where nothing will ever grow again, and the materials finance tree plantings. But they used an image of a damaged seedling on their web site! Come on people, show a cell phone shoved into the dirt, along with the obnoxious twit holding it. Let's see what grows.

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