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Native American fruit tree quiz

Here's a nice native North American tree in fruit growing pretty near its northern most cold hardiness limit in Madison Wisconsin, which is a bit beyond its natural range and surprisingly far north for a member of this family. Anyone recognize this plant in fruit?


Matt DiLeo said...


The Phytophactor said...

Ohhh! You know this is one of those times for tough love in education. MAT is right, but full credit cannot be awarded without a species name and a mention of the family (which the blog certainly begged for). Wonder how long it will take before MAT comes to my office to argue the score?

BarefootDreamer said...

ANNONACEAE, Asimina triloba.
A member of the 'Custard Apple' family (Cherimoya,Atimoya).

I have never tasted this fruit, as it does not grow naturally in my country, and I have not seen one planted anywhere.

The Phytophactor said...

Well, that only took 3 years! But absolutely correct!