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Friday Fabulous Flower - Swamp Milkweed

Too many things in the news have upset the Phactor's wa, like finding out our former governor was more intent on improving his own lot than serving the people who elected him, an unfortunate and common trend here in Lincolnland, so to regain my balance with the universe here is a post about a really nice flower. This Friday's fabulous flower is one of those native species that has a just splendid floral display that attracts butterflies to your garden. Funny that the swamp milkweed (Ascelpias incarnata) should pop up on my botanical radar just after the weather gods have dumped a bit more than 4" of rain on us since last Friday. This plant will do well in a low place that may prove to be a bit too wet for other species. There are a number of cultivars and color selections out there, but the wild type looks just fine.

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Mary said...

I absolutely love Ascelpias flowers of any species. Nice encounter, and a great offset to the politics of your state, or at least to certain people in your state.