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Thoughts on a New Year

 Nothing actually different from one day to the next, but we rather like having even arbitrary reasons for doing things. After some serious thought TPP decided that the problem was too much consumption of bad news; items that left a depressing frame of mind, and mostly things that nothing whatever can be done about.  Doing small things for a stranded, alone, and lonely student proved to be way more worthwhile.  So ditching the 24 hr news cycle, ignoring the constant feed of bad news to phone or laptop was helpful in developing a better frame of mind.  If Trump's name never again is in a headline, would make things a lot better.  Finding out that some of my tropical friends in Australia are pretty much going about normal lives was frustrating news because so many in the USA can't even wear a mask, too much inconvenience.  Also noted that a short walk away a real micro brewery has a smallish beer garden, no inside service at all, and at temperatures in the 20s and 30s, people were sitting around drinking beer, it was a very cheerful thing, so much has this pandemic resulted in isolation.  This lack of basic socialization was clearly another reason for a down in the dumps attitude.  A little more social distancing would have been nice though.  At any rate TPP is determined to find some things, some topics, to blog about in an effort to improve his mental health, and maybe yours too.  So happier New Years to everyone because it doesn't get much badder than it is.


Anonymous said...

Blame Trump. Unlike the USA, Australia stomped hard on Covid and even had city-wide quarantines when necessary (enforced by soldiers), as well as very vigorous contact tracing (which Trump of course screwed up by ignoring Covid for so long).

Anyways, the vaccine is out and hopefully 2021 will be good.

The Phytophactor said...

There is much to blame Trump for as he was quite inept as with many stable geniuses. Wish I could catch a glimpse of what so many people find fascinating enough to vote for him again! My thoughts keep returning to the idea that a great many people in the USA are quite gullible and easily misled. It bodes poorly for our country.