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Friday Fabulous Flower - Paper white

 Having flowers in your house in winter is a good thing for your attitudes and mental health.  Paper white Narcissus are perhaps the easiest plants to coax into flower.  The bulbs are placed on top of a bed of marbles in a tall narrow vase to keep them propped upright.  They seem to like cool window sills and light from eastern windows.  When flower buds appear you can move them to other locations where you want something cheerful.  They are also nice things to give people as a present.  Not only are they attractive but they have a lovely fragrance.  Too bad scratch and sniff monitor screens don't exist.

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Anonymous said...

Dearest Phactor,

undoubtedly a lovely plant to look at...but to smell? I know most people like the scent but I find it a bit 'catty'...but then I don't like cats much and we know that you do!

In parts of Portugal it grows quite abundantly in moist ground, the sides of streams etc. Peak flowering maybe early February though it does vary from year to year - I think mainly dependent on when the first significant rains come in the previous Autumn. Over recent years, the populations that I know have definitely decreased...climate change? A stream near where I used to live still has several hundred plants and they scent the air many hundreds of metres away. Out in the open I quite like the scent just not the 'overdose' you get at close quarters.

wishing you a healthy and most floriferous 2021,