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Making progress - vaccination priority

 Nearly a year ago the covid virus gradually entered my sphere of awareness.  On Friday last TPP got the first inoculation of the vaccine.  Not sure how it happened but the university said if you are eligible there will be a inoculation clinic, sign up here, and much to TPP's surprise back came a date and time for this to transpire, and as a senior citizen well over 65 it put me in the eligible category.  The clinic was well organized staffed largely by nursing students and well run, a time of 2:10 pm was only off by 10 mins.  This feels like progress.  In general faculty are eager to get vaccinated and move on, indirect teaching is not a good substitute for actually being there.  Don't know how it is that the vaccine showed up here, but the idea is certainly to put it in people's arms and you have to start somewhere and at least botanists are a higher priority than felons or mimes, or cartoonists.  Years ago there was a great cartoon showing people getting shoved aside to make room for a fur-coat clad fellow, and the caption said, "Move aside varlet, a cartoonist is coming".  A bit of editing changed it to a "botanist" and it still got lots of laughs.  The stats on this virus are quite huge numbers and TPP doesn't want to be a statistic.  Now to get Mrs. Phactor an appointment somewhere.

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