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Highly palatable to cats

Highly palatable.  When this phrase is found on a box of cat meds our only reaction is to laugh and say, "sure".  As in the "highly palatable" meds will be left in the bottom of their bowls for sure. When you think of synonyms for palatable you think of words like tasty, appetizing, savory, toothsome, agreeable, pleasant to the sense of taste, but they are not using the cat dictionary where it must mean different, suspicious, avoid at all costs; heck they don't care about taste, such morsels never ever make it past the lips. Every bit of regular food down to the last speck will be removed without ever touching the medication which in this case is to assist with hair balls during shedding season. And neither of our kitty-girls are particularly fussy eaters, but anything that might be good for them somehow registers as highly inedible, a complete opposite of highly palatable. 
The manufacturers might mean well as opposed to being downright deceitful, but you have to test palatability using pampered house kitties, not some half starving, half feral feline volunteers. TPP grew up with a variable number of "outdoor" farm cats; they had their own residence hall with personal apartments within. Feeding time was pretty a raucous affair, starting with a race from the back door to their residence to choose their favored places for din-dins reflecting the current pecking order. And they would eat anything especially if served in a warm soupy stew made with leftover gravy, chopped, bite-sized leftovers of our meals, along with  the kibble de jour. Their definition of highly palatable was pretty different than our pets, and they would have appreciated being food test subjects. As a semi-random sampling, none of our cats would ever spontaneously eat something like that.  

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