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April brings rotten weather

  Something about April, maybe the pushing and shoving of fronts from the north and south but so far April's weather has been rotten.  The previous two days have been two of the windiest consecutive days in recent memory.  Gusts of wind over 40 mph were common, and at times gusts over 50 mph would occur, and you began watching your trees flex.  Since the area already had an ice storm, a lot of weak limbs had already been pruned by nature, not a lot more came down in spite of the violent weather. A large basswood (above) whose base had been damaged a few years earlier by sewer work finally collapsed onto the front lawns, porches, and a driveway of the neighbors across the street. It took a city crew the rest of the day to clean up the debris, and no major damage was done, except that is the 4th major street tree to go from just a 4 house portion of our block.  Replacements will take years to have the same tree-lined street impact if they ever do. Everything loose blew every where.  Two small pot cover tepees TPP set up to cover and protect  broccoli seedlings ended up in the neighbor's gold fish pond, but no damage.  Everything that was in flower got wind whipped pretty badly, so now as that transition weather has passed, a low in the 20s is predicted tonight, and it it ruins the flowering of my Magnolia liliflora, it would be very sad indeed. Yesterday's high was in the low 70s showing how changeable the weather can be this time of year.

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