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GnOPe is bumming me out

Every where you look the bloody GnOPe is doing something that is bumming me out. Let's see there's the T-rump/Screws race for most incompetent candidate, voter suppression, more dumping on Planned Parenthood and women's rights in general, bigotry in the guise of religious freedom abounds, and the obstructionism of anything and everything Obama might do.  If there is a lesson here it is that the GnOPe is focused on the negative, thus my use of GnOPe where the G is silent. It is clear that they cannot be trusted to run things. Look at Kansas and Wisconsin where the experiment has been done, the GnOPe could do as they pleased, and their policies have failed spectacularly, but still they double down, a special form of stupidity. The GnOPe must be relegated to minority party status which limits the damage that they can do.  In particular the attempts to legalize discrimination demonstrates how far the South has come, and it's not very far. In all it is very depressing, and April weather doesn't need any help. 

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