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TGIF Seminar

A strange, eclectic group gathers every Friday sometimes at commercial establishments if they don't remember the group from the last time and sometimes at the houses of "members". In this particular group the Phactors anchor the young end of the member spectrum. Now since the gardens were still fairly neat, and the patios and lawn furniture were still fairly clean, the group was invited to have their TGIF Seminar in our garden yesterday. An inordinate number of mathematicians belong, which is a bit funny, funnier than they are, but the Phactors have been socializing with some of these people for close to 40 years. A lot of wine has flowed in that period of time. A few people had never seen the estate and gardens before and the weather was just perfect, a lovely early evening. As this group is dominated by university faculty and Unitarians, the diverse political discussions were kind to Jimmy Carter and unkind to Donny Trump, concerned about investments, and trading summer travel stories. Athough the semester had just started, this largely retired group was not at all concerned.  The TGIF group numbered about 1/10th the wedding group, so the aftermath was much less to deal with, and the empties didn't begin to fill the recycling dumpster that the wedding had easily topped up. This affair was not catered but 5 pounds of meatballs went somewhere, as did a lot of salty, crunchy snacks, which make you thirsty, thus starting a vicious cycle that everyone enjoys. Wonder where the next seminar will be?  And will the person who brought the bottle of pink zin please stop by and retrieve their wine.

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