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Garden wedding aftermath

Everyone has now gone home or elsewhere; one went to Peru, one went to Turkey, one went to San Francisco, two went to Chi-town, actually several live there but these two are from Germany, so you know, to see the Bean. Things are beginning to feel normal again although food and drink leftovers or extras may be around for awhile yet. The last vestige to the wedding-party remains - a cooler of beer on the patio that was emptied and refilled many times must be emptied, and not by drinking all that remains!  Those days are long gone by. Oh, and the terrible stuff the nieces and nephews drink: Landshark looks like a urine sample. Oops, sorry about that product endorsement. Some cups and bottles will undoubtedly continue to show up, but unless the lily pond is drained all probably will not be found (using the #2 law of ponds here - If there be water, someone will throw something in.).  The dining room table is not longer covered in wedding presents, so no need to keep cats away from the ribbons. Cats have reclaimed the guest beds as their own. Patios' furniture has all been returned to its regular places. The reasons for having a single child have never been clearer, not that it wasn't worth it, just not sure we have the energy to do this again. Actually the Phactors did not have the energy this time but for all the helpful participation of friends and family for which the hosts are very thankful.

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