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Darth Cheney & Iran

The surfacing of Darth Cheney to 'splain the problems with negotiating with Iran was so very predictable. First, all of the knee-jerk GnOPers who exclaimed that they were against the anti-nuclear agreement before they even read it tells you everything you need to know. Obama = bad, oppose at all costs. Our local representative is part of that crowd, and not the brightest bulb at that. And their alternatives?  Nothing other than belligerent saber rattling, the limits of their idea of diplomacy. And just see how well Cheney's approach worked in Iraq. Already Europe's corporations are rushing to do business with Iran, and maybe with the exception of Halliburton, an accord with Iran would benefit many investors, and a curious thing happens when fiscal interests get involved, the political rhetoric gets toned down because both parties have butter on the same side of the bread. In this case it would seem that the GnOPe is so eager to thwart Obama that they would throw their corporate babies out with the bathwater. At this point in time anyone who trusts Darth Cheney to tell the truth about anything is so gullible that they have no business in government or foreign policy. Trying to stablize the middle east region appears to be an anathma to Darth. Oo, Iran isn't a real democracy like our friends and allies the Saudis. Sure. So what does the USA have to lose by trying diplomacy rather than belligerence? Nothing. Except Halliburton gets to sell less because their butter is on the conflict side of the bread, and Cheney is their mouth-piece. Go back to your death star, far, far away!

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