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Socialism is the ism dismalest of all

If you don't recognize the title phrase, it's because it's from a Chad Mitchell Trio song from the 60s called "The John Birch Society".  This morning TPP received a very important telephone call from some American Super-Patriot Think Tank (something like that), which means it's funded by some super-PAC and accountable to no one, sort of, not really. They excitedly wanted to tell me about the dangers of socialism as a threat to our 'Mercan way of life and that means Bernie Sanders is running for president. After politely listening for a few moments, TPP asked if this all meant capitalism was at risk?  Yes, yes, most certainly it is. TPP suggested that having seen how badly capitalism was treating this country, its people, and its environment, some change sounds good. BTW they are meeting at the courthouse at 8 o'clock tonight. 


Anonymous said...

Gad, if Mrs Factor didn't already have first claim I'd be at your door. MY politics, MY songs, great sense of humor/outrage and you love plants almost as much as I do.

The Phytophactor said...

Thank you, but you forgot to mention that TPP is an above average cook too.

Anonymous said...

I swoon.